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Child’s Dog ‘Kicked To Death’ By Virus

by | 4th, November 2009

dogTHE Daily Express’ front-page screamed “THUGS STAMP A CHILD’S DOG TO DEATH”, and asked What has happened to our country?

ANIMAL welfare campaigners were left shocked and stunned last night after a teenage yob stamped a puppy to death in front of its owner.

They described the mindless attack, which happened in broad daylight, as “sickening” and urged the public not to turn a blind eye to such vile behaviour.

The RSPCA, a vested interest group, said it was disgusted. Another vested interest group waded in:

But social commentators warned that such behaviour was only symptomatic of the wider problem of Britain’s hooligan culture.

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said: “Many communities and many people’s lives are being wrecked by anti-social behaviour, but when things turn to mindless brutality it’s time we dealt with the offenders with the full force of the law otherwise people will not have faith in our justice system.”

It was so revolting that other media were equally revolted:

Sun reward to catch puppy fiend – Sun

THE Sun today offers £2,500 for the capture of the savage hoodies who killed Sandy the tiny Jack Russell puppy. We told yesterday how a yob stamped on the ten-week-old pet’s head after it approached three youths wagging its tail.

Says mum:

Mum Loretta, 45, said of the killing in the town’s Priory Park: “It is unbelievable.” Gran Norma, 72, said: “Sandy was so tiny she could fit in a coffee cup” – Sun

We’re filling up:

Thugs killed a teenage girl called April Alderton’s 10-week-old Jack Russell puppy by stamping on its head – Telegraph

Yob kicks pet puppy to death – Daily Mirror

So what are the police doing about it?

A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said: “A detailed veterinary medical examination revealed that it was most likely to have died suddenly from a virus and showed no sign of injury.

“Despite an intensive and thorough investigation, police have been unable to locate any other witnesses to an alleged incident in which the puppy was reportedly injured.”

Read all about it!

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