Anorak News | Ivanka Trump Marries Her Tycoon, In Pictures

Ivanka Trump Marries Her Tycoon, In Pictures

by | 4th, November 2009

340x-9IN this week’s Hello!, we are invited to the wedding of “Heiress Ivanka Trump” and a “Tycoon”, whose names fails to appear on the cover. You imagine Hello! has had the cover words written ever since Ivanka wanted her first engagement ring.

Inside and the tycoon is labelled as Jared Kushner, and from being a tycoon he’s now merely a “millionaire”.

Inside the mag and Ivanka has her hair in her father’s signature tsunami, swept off her face to reveal $265,000 in jewels and teeth that make her wedding dress look dull and brownish.

To the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, heartland of the Trump Nation, New Jersey. The guests, among them Ivana Trump, Russell Crowe, Natalie Portman and you – take their seats at long tables in an all-white tent.

The cake maker, Sylvia Weinstock, creates a 70-inch-tall “confection with various flavours, from carrot cake to almond, to meet every taste. Each of the layers of the cake…was designed with Invanka’s dress in mind”.

Out tip – go for the carrot, avoid the chocolate and double up on the passion fruit slive.

Weinstock made the cake for Donald’s marriage to Vanessa Haydon. The wedding planner, Preston Bailey, planned the wedding of Donald and Melania’s big day. It’s Ivanka’s big day.

The Africa honeymoon follows Wednesday’s private reception for their nearest and dearest friends, relatives and tenants — 1,000 people at the Puck Building. And even then friends may still be discussing the wedding invitations they’d received. It had a flier inside for Donald’s other golf properties.

Hello! has no idea what went on in the do, and relies on Ivanka’s Twitter outpourings for info. But it was outside a post-wedding bash three-days after the wedding, and does have a picture of Ivana Trump dressed as a mini cabs driver’s back seat – something in shiny black under a leopard-skin print cover.

Image: Gawker

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