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Hoity The Dead Cat is Peta’s Dumb Animal Of The Month

by | 4th, November 2009

cat-veganANORAK is, like Peta, looking for an intern. No cats. And no dead cats, especially, as the Washington Post reports:

Lydia Netzer lives next door to the PETA intern house down in Norfolk. Netzer used to have an indoor-outdoor cat. PETA has concerns about outdoor cats.

There is more than one kind of cat?

“It seemed like every time a new intern moved in, they would come over and say they needed to talk to me about the dangers of cats living outside. I would have this parade of pierced, tattooed vegans at my door. In a way it’s like, ‘Oh, they’re so cute. They’re all 20 years old and super-faithful true believers.’ “

The cats or the vgeans?

For six months, Netzer tried to keep Hoity inside, but he began clawing the furniture, “pooping all over things,” and going, as far as Netzer could tell, completely insane. When she would put him out again, some or another intern would stop by again, implying, she says, that Hoity might be happier and safer in a shelter. Afraid that the PETA interns would take her cat, she eventually had him put to sleep.

Can Peta interns be kept inside?

A PETA spokesman says that the interns had seen the cat “have close calls” with cars in the neighborhood.

Now, months after the incident, Netzer says she can sympathize with the PETA interns. Sort of. “It’s an emotional thing for them,” she says. “They’re constantly looking at images of animals being tortured.”

Which is why they have a need to leave the office – because they can…

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