Anorak News | X Factor: Joe McElderry Breaks Rib And Stacey Solomon Engaged To Olly Murs

X Factor: Joe McElderry Breaks Rib And Stacey Solomon Engaged To Olly Murs

by | 4th, November 2009

danyl-johnson3X Factor No News Round-up: Stacey Solomon not Amy Winehouse, Joe McElderry’s rib not broken, Sting’s no X Factor and the Sex Pistols would not win…

Unreality TV: “Mitch Winehouse: ‘Stacey Solomon is NOT The new Amy Winehouse!’”

She’s better?

“Amy and I and the family were watching X Factor and when Rachel got knocked out – we thought it was a complete disaster. We were having a lovely dinner – I was having a chicken vindaloo and Amy was having a chicken Korma and we almost choked – almost put us right off our food. Almost but not quite…”

Mitch Winehouse is famous for talking about his daughter in the media

On comparisons being drawn between single mum Stacey Solomon and his daughter, Mitch said: “Stacey is not the new Amy. She’s not as good”

And he’s not her dad.

The Sun: “Stacey: I broke Joe’s rib”

Says Stacey:

“This week me and Lucie decided to prank Olly but Olly was in a bad mood. We went downstairs with a bottle of water and the plan was that Lucie would open his pants and I would pour the water, but Lucie chickened out last minute because Olly was getting angry saying ‘get out of my room’.

“So we went up to his bedroom and because he hates mess we moved his blanket, we put his shoes on his bed, toothpaste, hair gel and hair spray.

“Then he started running up the stairs so we ran and ran and I fell up the stairs and Joe slipped on a can of deodorant on to the floor and broke his rib.”

No, he, er did not.

Daily Gazette: “Our Olly has X Factor”

And perhaps Olly may have his own X Factor wedding soon as a national newspaper have claimed there is love in the air at the X Factor house, with Olly growing close to fellow Essex contestant Stacey Solomon.

Or, er, not.

The Sun, John Gaunt: “Jedward are deadwood!”

Would the Pistols have won X Factor? Of course not!

Daily Mail: “X Factor: Danyl Johnson shows off secret tattoo… and no, it’s not a tribute to ‘Super’ Simon Cowell”

Meanwhile, Sting attacked the show for failing to support original new talent when he appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning…

‘I think they are basically aping pre-existing stereotypes of what singers should do and they’re not being themselves. There’s no X Factor there.

No X Factor new to follow…

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