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Wayne Rooney’s Tattoo For Kai

by | 6th, November 2009

114GOOD times for those of you took the best on the 2-1 shot: Wayne Rooney would get a tattoo of young Kai Rooney on his neck.

The Sun says that “PROUD” Wayne “wants to celebrate by getting a new bit of artwork. He’s been designing what it will look like. At the moment he would like it on his lower back.”

Nothing says “I love you”, like dad wearing you name just above his the crack of his arse. From an angle it could read “O KAI”.

“He can’t wait to get to the tattoo parlour and knowing Wayne he’ll want something special – the bigger the better.”

Size is everything when tattooing names. But go too big and Wayne runs the risk of having no space left for future Rooneys. Our advice is to go large but have the tattoo in the middle of his back, thus enabling Wayne to reuse letters, eventually forming a crossword puzzle of names.

Look out for IAN Rooney, DAN Rooney and KID Rooney arriving soon…


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Coleen and Wayne Rooney leave Liverpool Women's Hospital with baby Kai.

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