Anorak News | Gordon Brown Says Jedward Are Part Of ‘Axis Of Evil’

Gordon Brown Says Jedward Are Part Of ‘Axis Of Evil’

by | 6th, November 2009

sue-pollard-431x300HAVING achieved the impossible and made Simon Cowell’s Botox-face form an expression, John And Edward Grimes, aka Jedward, have attracted the attention of Gordon Brown.

Gordon loves the X Factor, with all its voting and populism. But what doe she think of it so far? The Star tells us:


Hate is a strong word. For instance if you said, “I don’t think Gordon Brown is very good”, would that mean you hated him?

Speaking on Manchester radio station Key 103 Brown sided with judge Simon Cowell – who recently slammed the twins – saying: “I don’t think they’re very good”.

He later added:

“There are some really good people on X Factor. It’s really good. And I know it’s competing with Strictly Come Dancing.”

Brown really does have his finger on the pulse, and on the remote control. In the Mail, the same words have a different edge:

X Factor: Gordon Brown labels David Cameron’s favourites Jedward ‘not very good’

The Prime Minister’s comments come just days after his Conservative rival David Cameron declared the pair kept him glued to his seat.

You can’t beat a good song and dance act that keeps you glued to your seat.

In the Telegraph, this becomes:

Gordon Brown may not have the ‘X Factor’, but the next best thing is to admit that he’s watching it…

The Sun brings it down to a matter of good and evil:

PM: ‘Jedward are not good’

Which means they are evil, possibly part of the Axis of Evil and should, therefore, be bombed.


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