Anorak News | X Factor Reject Rachel Adedeji Lost Because She Is Blacker Than Alexandra Burke

X Factor Reject Rachel Adedeji Lost Because She Is Blacker Than Alexandra Burke

by | 7th, November 2009

blackCONSIDERING all things black and white, Rachel Adedeji and X Factor, Yasmin Alibhai-brown asks Daily Mail readers: “Why are so many black and Asian women desperate to be white?”

For our part, we don’t. But we suspect a Jewish plot. What say you, Yasmin?

Coloured skin is considered a curse unless it is a fake tan, and so are those flat noses, thick lips (considered gorgeous on Scarlett Johansson but not on Whoopi Goldberg), short necks and legs, apple and plum shapes.

Scarlett Johansson: young, big chest, alluring eyes, svelte limbs; Whoopi Goldberg: middle-aged, baggy sweater, glasses.

It gets better:

In glossy magazines and on billboards, models are mostly white. They daily remind us people of colour that we’re not worth it.

Predominantly white country – predominately white customers – has more white models. Shocker. And now the X Factor moment:

I overheard two young mixed-race girls this week agreeing that the wannabe singer Rachel Adedeji had to be dropped from X Factor because she was too dark for people to like her.

Too dark to win the X Factor, like Alexandra Burke, last year’s winner? Or darker? Yasmin Alibhai-brown doesn’t mention Burke, perhaps considering her too black to fit into her narrative. Our writer concludes:

When, oh when, will we stop being our own worst enemies?

At a guess, we’d says when we fix a narrative to make a point that seeks to reaffirm our prejudices.

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