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Nidal Malik Hasan’s Clothing Trained in Canada

by | 7th, November 2009

islamophobiaWHEN you hear that Nidal Malik Hasan is a Muslim, what do you think? If you’re a Muslim you probably thought “Oh f***”. If you’re in the media you might have thought of any number of reasons why he killed 13. Here are 10.

If you want to see him not as a mass murderer but only as a Muslim, you write something like this:

After the sickening news of yesterday when a Muslim American soldier’s clothing brazenly opened fire into a crowd of other American soldiers and citizens, killing at least 13 and wounding nearly 30 very innocent non-Muslim American citizens I’m ready for some GOOD CHANGE.

It gets better:

This has got to stop. We have to start cleaning house of this vermin that call themselves “peaceful Muslims.” We know now that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PEACEFUL MUSLIM. Even this Army Officer was probably thought to have been a “peaceful Muslim” proved to us that they don’t exist.

That’s right, Canada Free Press writer Jerry McConnell says Muslim’s are so bad that even their clothes can kill. And in case you were wondering what planet he lives on, he tells you that he’s “a longtime resident of planet earth”.

Although what planet he came from, is not stated…

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