Anorak News | X Factor Live Blog: Olly Murs Marries And Danyl Johnson Does Prince Over

X Factor Live Blog: Olly Murs Marries And Danyl Johnson Does Prince Over

by | 7th, November 2009

IT’S Movie Week. Or as Dermot O’Leary shouts it: “IT’S…MOVIE WEEK.” O’Leary looks like someone warming up for the actual presenter. He’s all contrived shouting and big pauses.

First up is Stacey Solomon singing Son Of a Preacher Man.

Cheryl says: “It’s greeet ta see yous lookin’ soooo sesssy ‘nd yung. Ai thawght thaht waz yours moust con-fee-dint perfaw-mince.”

Simon Cowell has tken to leaning well back in the chair. Does it make him look taller? Discuss.

Olly Murs – “the incredible” Olly Murs – the man with the name like a contagion is up. He’s singing Twist & Shout. And he’s… pretty good. He’s like both of Jedward in a sober suit. When Olly gets married, he’ll sing that song. Like that. He might sing it at other people’s weddings as well. Price on application.

Lloyd Daniels now. Lloyd Danielzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Stand By Me. Simon is talkign through it. Llloyd is still singing. He might still be singing. It’s like being stuck in a lift with an amnesiac yodeller. Sta-a-a-a-and By me-e-e-e. Staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. Byme.

Dannii says Daniel is “nice”. He is damned.

Jamie ArcherNot Unchaiii-ned Mel-odeeee. Who is Mel Ody? And why is he chained up? Jamie does not explain. Cryyyyyy-in’ Over You.

He’s the best yet. Still, his hair and face don’t match. On a brighter note, he’s worth loads

Lucie Jones is showing us “exactly” who she is. She’s Lucie Jones. Or as Dermot would put it: “She’s… LUCIE JONES!” It’s pop. It sounds like the music played over the closing credits of a film, or the boring bit in the middle when you really, really need the toilet. Go to the toilet. It’s forgettable.

Danyl Johnson is doing Prince. He’s had his hair cut. He looks like he’s not doing an impression of Prince. Cheryl Cole likes his “demean-er”. She doesn’t like cockiness. Which is why she’s still married to Ashley Cole.

Jedward – Ghostbusters. The most overrated underrated act. Peter Andre appears to make Jedward look talented. Horrific. Jedward are hanging from a  rearview mirror. There is every trick used to distract you from Jedward. What’s in the backpacks? LSD? Gunk? Simon Cowell”s next tan?

Louis Walsh says they’ve cured the recession. You know, like Susan Boyle did.

Joe – Dull.

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