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X Factor: Yet Another Reason To Hate Danyl Johnson

by | 9th, November 2009

danylX FACTOR news as Lucie Jones makes ready to go the GAY way and the Daily Star finds a new reason to hate Danyl Johnson:

Meanwhile, “cocky” Danyl Johnson’s new haircut gave him the wow factor. The troubled teacher did a Britney by shaving his hair in a bid to get noticed by the judges.

Well, no. Johnson cut his hair into what barbers call a “Number Two”, a term that seems to fit well with the tabloids’ latest attack on Johnson:

Smug teacher Danyl, 27, unveiled his slick new look on Saturday night’s live show as he sang a Prince song. But the singer’s fans were left in a frenzy over his new shaven head and are left split over whether he made the right decision.

Well, not exactly. Bobble-headed try-hard Louis Walsh failed to mention Johnson’s hair, and Simon Cowell was too busy sitting back in his chair to make his neck seem longer to notice. As for the split decision:

The girls were most impressed with Danyl’s haircut. Dannii Minogue, 38, told him: “Danyl, love the new look.” Even Cheryl Cole, 26, changed her tune, admitting: ‘…I love the hair.’”

So Johnson’s hair is not a thing of hate. But, still, the story allows the Star to call johnson “smug” and “cocky” and generally rubbish him. For more reasons to dislike Danyl Johnson see:

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