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X Factor: Lucie Jones’ Freudian Masterclass

by | 9th, November 2009

john-and-edward4AS Lucie Jones heads to Stockport, to turn on the Christmas lights, and Jedward are served up as entertainment, we round-up the latest bout of X Factor news:

Says Lucie Jones:

I think the harder they work, the better they are. I’ve never known anyone to work as hard as they did last week with Ghostbusters. If I hear that song one more time, I swear my head might pop off.”

And when Lucie’s head has popped off, it can be replaced with a John & Edward head. There are more then 20 John & Edward’s already in existence. Join us. Before they join you.

Lucie Jones is still talking, through her own head:

They deserve to be in it. The ‘sing-off’ song was so entertaining last night and they absolutely killed it, and I was proud to know them.”

Killer. Oh, Freud:

She added: “John and Edward, bless them, they’re the nicest kids… they said ‘we feel guilty‘ and I said ‘why? It’s not your fault‘. It’s not their fault that they’re still in the competition. They’re still in the competition because people want them to be there. More people wanted to see them next week than wanted to see me, and that’s fine and they should not feel guilty because they deserve to be there.

“They’re so happy and upbeat about everything and to see them upset because of me, I really felt for them last night because they did feel bad and it’s just a shame that external sources have made them feel as if they should feel like that.”

While we analyse that, let’s hear it for bobble-headed impresario of pap Louis Walsh who swore at the audience when they booed Jedward – gave them two fingers (one each). A spokesman for Walsh tells the Sun:

“Louis apologises if any offence was caused.”

He’s so bothered that his spokesman apologises.

Meanwhile, Dannii Minogue’s lover Kris (with a ‘K) Smith gets on Twitter to tell one and all:

“Gutted for poor Lucie, what a disgraceful decision. Can’t believe she went out, thought I was watching a SINGING TALENT show, obviously wrong.”

The X Factor is to singing what EastEnders is to a reflection of real life. It’s the telly, stoopid. Or have you lost your head, too?

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