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Katie Price And Sex Talk Peter Andre Check Into The Mayfair Hotel

by | 10th, November 2009

jordan-peter4KATIE Price and Peter Andre: Jordan and Peter Andre spend the night together. And Pete talks of sex.

This is front-page news in the Daily Star:


Lest you think there is no romance, the Star says it is a “hotel ‘date’”. Those inverted commas suggest that the Star is trying to have it every way, seducing readers with talk of a Katie and Peter’s coming together and then coaching the small print in quotes.

LOVE-split couple Kate Price and Peter Andre booked into the same hotel yesterday, we can reveal.

You can picture the scene in the lobby as the rival camera crews film each other for their respective reality TV shows. If David Attenborough wants to do a show about humans, there is room for the whispering voice of God being a huge plastic begonia.

The warring pair, now divorced, vowed never to spend time under the same roof again. But they were both at the swanky five-star Mayfair Hotel in central London.

They like it there. This is a hotel where Peter was filmed having dinner with chums, who just happen to share his agent. It’s the hotel where Katie’s pals were also dining at the same time – what are the odds? It’s the same hotel where the evening ended with heated words, all caught on camera.

Kate, 31, aka gobby glamour girl Jordan, was booked into the luxury penthouse, having her hair and make-up done by close pal Gary Cockerill, 40. Just a few floors below, ex-husband Peter Andre, 36, was checking into a £300-a-night room.

Of all the hotels in all the world… Says one “onlooker”:

“First she swanned in, all boobs and hair. Moments later Pete arrived with a manager called Nicola and headed straight for his room. We all thought they must be secretly getting back together. How can they end up picking the same hotel in a city the size of London? It just seems too much of a coincidence.”

It does. But life works in mysterious ways. So why is Peter there?

A spokesman for Peter said: “Peter is an ambassador of the hotel and has stayed many times.”

Pass the little chocolates, your Excellency. The orange creams are so good you could smear them over your skin.

As Katie jets off for another outing on ITV1’s I’m a Celebrity… we read on.  (Is there another forgotten 1980s’ singer waiting there for her to squire? Limahl? Junior? Jimmy McShane, who along with Balitmora gave us the hit Tarzan Boy?)

Pete turned the programme down – he thought going back on smacked slightly of desperation. And he is bemused by Katie’s decision to go back – it’s not as if she needs the money or the profile.

“Also he’s concerned about the timing of the show. Harvey has been extremely poorly and Katie will be away for a month. Who’s going to look after him?”

Well, his dad could? And can £450,000 for two weeks’ work in the sun be desperate? Of course, Peter is all about irony, and in his magazine column he tells us:

He said: “I don’t really want to talk about sex, to be honest. It’ll make me frustrated!

No comment is still a comment, eh Pete.

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