Anorak News | X Factor: Harry Hill Chairs Simon Cowell’s Court Of Appeal

X Factor: Harry Hill Chairs Simon Cowell’s Court Of Appeal

by | 10th, November 2009

harryhill-jedwardX FACTOR: The Sun’s front page tells us: “My Secret Plan For X Factor t’win it – Harry Hill on the X Factor.” Move over scheming Simon Cowell. The X Factor Supreme Court of Appeal is in session.

For the past few weeks, the Sun has been holding back a few stories from web readers. These exclusives can be read only in the paper. Because Anorak buys the paper, we can tell you what’s inside.

Harry Hill has a new page. And he uses it to deliver his top tip for Jedward to win the show. Want to know what it is? Want to spend 30p finding out by buying the Sun? Nay bother. The tip is:

“My tips for Jedward…steal Cheryl’s hair.” And there are more tips:

1. More hair means a chance to steal Jamie Archer’s vote
2. Get Jedward wasted on Red Bull
3. Join them to form one Siamese twin
4. Make them cry
5. Look for a sympathetic back story
6. Advertise in the “Irish Sun” for voters. Harry is already on message, eh readers.
7. Sing a song from the big hit movie Gummo.

A touch of wit there from the likeable Hill. But the humour in the X Factor needs few additions.

You only have to look at the judges’ seriousness, hear Lucie Jones’s granny and watch Louis Walsh’s bobble head dance to get your laughs…

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