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Three Steps To Hating The EuroMillions Winners

by | 11th, November 2009

8015852THE EuroMillions winners are right now on the Three-Step Tabloid Programme.

Step 1: Introduce The Winners
Step 2: Give A Bit Of Background
Step 3: Set About Ruining Their Lives and Finding Dirt

We are now on Step 2. Having introduced Les Scadding, his wife Sam Peachey-Scadding and the seven Liverpudlian syndicate winners, we await the dirt and our chance to feel outraged that such a lowlife should have won so much money – is there no justice! – we get Page 3 girl Danni telling us:

“Danni says no one will begrudge Les and Samantha Scadding their £45 million lottery win.”

No, Danni, they wont. Yet.

In other news, ubiquitous money expert Martin Lewis – he gets paid in bits of tin foil – says the first thing Les and Sam must do is… “clear their debts.”

Les, we have leant, has an overdraft of £68. Which leaves…? Come on, Martin. How much change? Too late.

The answer is that it leaves plenty of cash left over for us to hate them for. Look out for Stage 3 coming soon.

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