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Angelina Jolie Is Named UN Ambassador For Next Of Kin

by | 11th, November 2009

7885154ANGELINA Jolie will adopt a child from Syria. So says OK! magazine.

Right now Syrian children are smoothing down their hair and widening their eyes. Mums dreaming of Amerika are kicking their children out into the cold night air. Coachloads of Iranians booking package tours to Damascus. This is it. This is the Willy Wonka moment.

Ethiopia. Cambodia. Vietnam. She’s working her way up the Fifa rankings. Had Graham Taylor remained in charge for another few seasons, England might have figured between Mauritania and Andorra.

Al Arabiya reports:

After making it on America’s infamous “axis of evil,” Syria will now become synonymous with Angelina Jolie’s brood as the U.S. actress looks set to adopt a child from the Arab nation despite her partner Brad Pitt’s objections.

Of course, this is old news. On November 1, The People told us:

Now she and partner Brad Pitt, 45, have adopted a youngster from Syria. A girl.


A spokesman for the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Washington D.C. confirmed that “only Angelina’s name was on the adoption papers.”

Her name is the only one needed. Soon in place of “next of kin” forms will just come printed with “Angelina Jolie’s name already there. Kevin Bacon has had it.

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