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James Arthur Ray’s Thought Of Power And Talk Of Death

by | 12th, November 2009

jamesraythoughtofpowersmall1JAMES Arthur Ray: the Sedona Sweat Lodge Tragey where three people died, continues to makes waves. Our Man in La takes a look:

HMMM.  This is perplexing.

Just last Saturday, James Ray posted an update on his internet and Facebook pages regarding the investigation into the Sedona sweat lodge tragedy.

“Not only is this situation requiring all of my personal focus,” said Ray in a very carefully worked statement, “it’s also consuming my entire team’s focus as well”

“For that reason,” he continued, “you can expect significant delays in responses to all general business requests.”

Interestingly enough, however, the tragedy hasn’t consumed so much of Ray’s time that it prevents him from e-mailing at least the occasional daily “Thought of Power” to the people on his mass correspondence list.

But it’s not so much the fact that he’s sending these thoughts, as it is what the thoughts themselves say.

Just today, one of the recipients of these daily “Thoughts of Power” forwarded one of them to Rumor Rat… see for yourself what it says:


Creepy, right?

At least that’s the feeling expressed by the person who forwarded the e-mail on to Rumor Rat.

What in the hell is James Arthur Ray thinking?

We have no way of knowing, since he has refused to speak with media since the tragedy happened.  Not only that, but his alleged publicist, so-called “Master of Disaster” Mark Fabiani has not returned any of Rumor Rat’s phone calls, despite urging us via e-mail to call him with our questions.

You have our number, Mr. Fabiani. RR

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