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Scotland’s Clinics Ordered Not To Give Swine Flu Vaccine To Over 65s

by | 12th, November 2009

swine_fluSWINE Flu breaking news: SCENES of great anger, yelling, shouting and tearful patients and staff in Health Centres north of the Border in Scotland as as the awful Swine Flu home truths hit home.

The same bad news is probably now breaking in England and Wales.

Within the last few hours batches of Swine Flu vaccine are reaching Health Centres. Medical staff who wished to be inoculated were dealt with last week and most health centres have installed special fridges to hold the precious fluids.

One small snag which is causing the national uproar: doctors are being ordered NOT to inoculate high risk patients over the age of 65.

This is a reversal of the usual yearly ‘flu jabs which are prioritised for the vulnerable groups. Elderly, chronically ill, diabetics and kidney dialysis patients are first on the list.

Not so with the Swine Flu vaccine. Patients who happen to have hit State retirement age for men are being called in as usual for the seasonal ‘flu jag, then being told they are not getting the Swine Flu version because of government orders.

Fury at the medical receptionists’ desk is the commonplace and things are getting worse.

Clinicians are furious and one confided that he thought it was a brilliant wheeze. Solve the impeding national pension crisis at a stoke. Refuse the vaccine and then blame Mexican pigs for the pandemic deaths.

My doctor mate reckons he knows who the real swine are.

Anybody know more?

– AGW in the Forums

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