Anorak News | Jon Gaunt Compounds The Sun’s Misery Over The Jacqui Janes Debacle

Jon Gaunt Compounds The Sun’s Misery Over The Jacqui Janes Debacle

by | 13th, November 2009

jacqui-janesTHE Sun would like to apologise for spelling Jacqui Janes’ name wrong in a piece about how Gordon Brown is the Devil incarnate for, er, spelling Jacqui Janes’ name wrong.

In other Sun news, Jon Gaunt tells Gordon Brown:

So Brown Pants Brown has insulted not only the family of fallen hero Jamie Janes but also every other British soldier by scribbling a note that even a five year old could have bettered.

Before we go on: Anorak is no bastion of correct spelling. But we have never accused others of stomping on the memories of dead solders for misspelling a name. Back to Gaunt and his tantrum:

That said if Brown or his predecessor had any real courage they would at least be at Wootten Basset when the fallen return but no, unlike Obama, Brown stays holed up in his Downing street bunker.

Wootten Basset… Not to be confused with Wootton Bassett?

 He goes on:

Then not content with insulting our present heroes Brown goes to the cenotaph and forgets to bow. The disrespectful buffoon.

That’s The Cenotaph. Capital letters, please Gaunty. Show some respect. Even Jon Gaunt has to breathe and he ends with:

The man is an unelected fraud and the sooner we all kick his sorry ass out of Downing street or the men in white coats come to escort him out of power the better.

That’s Downing Street (capital ‘S’). And ass is the American version of arse, one word you would expect Gaunt to be able to find his pen with….

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