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Read About The X Factor Star’s Life Destroyed Family Life

by | 14th, November 2009

ryhdian-robertsIN the Daily Mail you can read about the X Factor contestant whose “fame is tearing his family apart”.

It’s Rhydian Roberts, the X Factor runner up to Leon Jackson (?). So how is fame destroying his family?

But doesn’t he ever get lonely? ‘Very seldom,’ he says. ‘There are times when I think, “It would be nice to be with a girl”. I’m single at the moment. I have to be. I’d be a right nightmare to live with.

So no lover. Is that what the Mail means by a family destroyed by fame? No. There is more.

It’s not only women who have been put to one side while Rhydian concentrates on his career and success – he appears to have very little time for his parents at present. ‘There’s only one thing I regret about the last year, and that’s perhaps that I haven’t been as loving to my parents as I should have been, because I have to get on with what I’m doing,’ he says.

Torn apart by fame, we’d wager?

“I haven’t spoken to them for so long it’s hard to recall the last conversation. We haven’t fallen out – I’m to blame here. My parents are extremely loving. I haven’t been much of a son lately.”

So fame has not torn the family apart. Rhydian just works hard and hasn’t called his mum and dad for a bit. But he loves them and they love him.

Such are the facts behind the Mail’s headline.

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