Anorak News | X Factor Pictures: Ten Reasons Why Calvin Harris Abused Jedward With Rotten Fruit

X Factor Pictures: Ten Reasons Why Calvin Harris Abused Jedward With Rotten Fruit

by | 15th, November 2009

calvin-harris-jedwardX FACTOR Watch: Calvin Harris runs across the stage as Jedward judder through a song like Simon Cowell’s Duracell gonks. Why did he do it? Why a pineapple? We have five reasons why Calvin Harris abused Jedward with rotten fruit.

1. Look At Me

Scheduled to appear on the Xtra Factor on ITV 2.1, Harris wanted to be on ITV1. And he was.

2.The Deranged Fan

The electro-musician ran on to the set holding a pineapple on his head, mimicking the quiffs donned by the brothers…An X Factor spokesman said: “Apparently Calvin is a huge John and Edward fan but it’s unacceptable to storm the stage whilst an act is performing.” – Sky

Yeah, apparently.

3. The True Pros

Harris wanted to test Jedward. Next week’s singer will throw a plastic water bottle at their heads. Will they cope?

His actions were slammed by Jedward’s mentor, X Factor judge Louis Walsh who said: “When the idiot jumped up from the audience it didn’t even faze you guys.” – Liverpool Post

Hey, Louis, anything to distract the fans from the singin’ and the dancin’.

4.He’s Scottish

Scotland on Sunday: “Jedward under pressure as Scots pop star butts in”

The Dumfries-born singer-songwriter raced on to the stage – with a pineapple on his head to mock their hairstyles – while the Irish brothers John and Edward Grimes performed a version of Queen’s Under Pressure.- Scotland on Sunday

Coming from Dumfries is relevant. If you came from Dumfries, you’d have done it. A pineapple in Dumfries is a thing of wonder.

5. 101 Greatest TV Moments

It was ‘Where wer you moment’.

Presenter Dermot O’Leary was left shocked by the incident. He said: “I saw it from the side of the stage. It was one of those moments where everyone just stopped and said “who’s that? NOTW

And then someone whispered, “It’s Dermot O’Leary.”

6. Jarvis Cocker Was Right

The electro- musician then slapped his bottom before running off again. – Daily Mail

Jedward are the new Michael Jackson. Save the kids.

7. Because he had no rotten tomatoes to throw, and Hideki Kaji was busy.

8. What else do you do with the top of a pineapple? Marry it?

9. It wasn’t Calvin Harris – it was Jason Lee

10. To promote the Government’s five-a-day fruit plan in Scotland

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