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Calvin Harris Ruined By Jedward’s X Factor Pineapple Horror

by | 16th, November 2009

calvin-harris-jedward1CALVIN Harris interrupted X Factor Duracell Gonks Jedward with a pineapple hat and has now been banned from every doing it again (video here.) And now he must pay a terrible price.

As the Daily Mirror announces:

“Life ban from X Factor after pineapple stage invasion prank”

An X Factor “source” reveals:

“Simon Cowell did not see the funny side. He thinks Calvin Harris is an idiot. Now the bosses have been told to make sure the show is safe for contestants because this could have been some nutter with a knife rather than a silly pop star with a pineapple.”

To get the pineapple top off the pineapple body Harris might well have used a knife. As such the X Factor should come with one of those health warnings:

“If you have been affected by anything in tonight’s show, please call 0800FRUIT ABUSE.”

Another announcement for viewers in Scotland – Harris is from Dumfries – will say that fruit can be a fun thing and nothing to be scared of. When you’ve fished eating a piece of fruit why not turn it into a novelty hat or try deep frying it?

The source goes on:

“Calvin was supposed to have been a guest on Xtra Factor but he can forget any thoughts of getting close to the twins or any of the other contestants any time soon.”

Harris has been issued with an X factor restraining order preventing him from carrying fruit in the vicinity of the Jedward twins. The ban covers tinned fruit, fruit juices, Terry’s chocolate oranges, strawberry sherbets and singing Oranges & Lemons.

The source enlarges:

“Fortunately, most viewers missed his stunt. It could have ruined the show and made the voting process a complete farce. Calvin will not be appearing on X Factor ever again.”

Lucky the prank was missed and didn’t turn the X Factor into a farce. Close call, people…

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