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Belle De Jour Pictures: Brooke Magnanti Teaches Sex To Bel Mooney And Daily Mail Readers

by | 17th, November 2009

brooke-magnantiBLOGGER and celebrity prostitute Belle de Jour is revealed to be Brooke Magnanti, and now her father, Paul Magnanti, is telling the about his life with prostitutes.

Now Belle de Jour’s father confesses: I used 150 call girls

(* “Now…” Watch: Now has become the Mail’s wail of choice. Look out for it.)

Belle de Jour’s estranged father broke down in tears last night as he revealed he had used more than 150 prostitutes himself – and had introduced his daughter to some of them.

Do you think he read her blog and, er, enjoyed it?

He believes that letting her meet some of the prostitutes when she was in her twenties may have made her think that women who sell sex can have a ‘human face’.

As opposed to human arse, chest and legs. And he’s upset. Right? He’s really upset? The Mail shows him a newspaper cutting about his daughter. He cries a little. He speaks:

“She has not done anything wrong. Brooke is a very independent woman, and I support whatever she has done.”

What about Brooke’s mum? How upset is she? On a scale of 9 to 10, how upset and outraged and ashamed is she?

“My mother is being fully supportive and says she’s “not one to judge”. I, for one, am happy and relieved.”

The Mail is aghast. It’s summons Bel Mooney to say how ashamed and disgusted and reviled the parents should be about their daughter selling her body for sex:

Naturally, I am very glad that during the time she worked as a call girl, ‘Belle’ was never raped, robbed, beaten, or worse.

Crimes that can damage people who aren’t prostitutes too. Or not. Go on:

No doubt Brooke Magnanti was well aware of the whole Pretty Woman myth when, as a hard-up postgraduate student in 2003, she looked helplessly at her pile of bills and decided to sell sex to pay them off.

Well, no doubt she was. Pretty Woman was a hit film. Brooke also knew of her dad’s hookers who sold sex to pay for drugs, moslt crack cocaine. Paul Magnanti had a drugs problem. You can read about that, Bel Mooney, in the, er, Daily Mail (see above). Go on:

Whatever the truth, Dr Magnanti has just added to an unfortunately widespread illusion that sex workers are free-wheeling women who make an empowered choice. (Yes, and that the pimp is a legitimate businessman.)

So no women choose to be prostitutes? Belle de Jour is a freak?

Since she is so easy-going about prostitution, I suggest that Dr Magnanti does some more of the research she’s clearly so good at. A good start would be the website This is a coalition between Object, the human rights organisation set up to challenge the increased sexualisation of women in the media and popular culture…

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We’d like to show them to Bel Mooney. She may weep a little. She may wonder why the Daily Mail publishes such filth..?

Pictures of Belle de Jour here.

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