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Australians Eat Possum Pizza In Back-To-Front Shorts

by | 17th, November 2009

possumPHILIP Andrew Gilmore, 35, “terrorised shopkeepers dressed only in inside-out, back-to-front football shorts.

The terror was compounded by Gilmore wearing the shorts on her backside, not on his heard or ankles.

At Cairns acting magistrates court, Gilmore says he can’t remember anything of the incident on Reservoir Rd, Manoora. Says he:

“I was totally embarrassed when I found out … I must have been on Rohypnol or something.”

Perhaps he was. But we wonder what other locals are on:

The court heard Gilmore intimidated and threatened the lone staff member at the Hungry Possum pizza shop then walked up the street to the Funk Hair salon, where the two women inside were so frightened they locked the door.

Question: Do you wank your hair full of funk (aka: stench)? Do you want to eat a possum pizza?

Says Gilmore’s brief:

“My client’s fearful that there was a substance in his drink … harassing strangers isn’t his style. He’s not a bully or someone who picks on people in the street or shop assistants. When he woke up in the watch-house he asked the staff what he was there for … and the facts just blew him away.”

Gilmore gets a fine. And the locals get a possum pizza.

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