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Rebecca Stevenson: Britain’s Worse Mum Has Two Houses?

by | 17th, November 2009

rebecca-stevensonREBECCA Stevenson is “Britain’s worse mum”. The Lancashire Telegraph confirms it:

DEFINITELY Britain’s worst mum’ was the verdict of one of Rebecca Stevenson’s furious neighbours yesterday.

The Sun agrees that Rebecca Stevenson is the “UK’s worst mum”. She’s worse than Tracey Connelly. She’s worse than Vanessa George? As one nodding head said:

The grim figures led one social workers’ leader to warn there are “Baby P’s” [sic] in every local authority in Britain.”

The Mail reports that the 22-year-old mum from Blackburn, Lancashire has earned herself a 20-week suspended prison for leaving four children under five to “fend for themselves in the filthy, cluttered house – while she partied with friends”.

The Mail has pictures of the filth and the clutter for readers to study. As with these things it’s hard to tell if this is the true mess or what the place looked like after the police and officials arrived and went through things.

She is young with four kids under five – it might have been the maid’s day off?

But we look and realise that the house is not really all that grim. There is a urine–stained mattress, which is unpleasant but far from horrific. And the “tiny footprints visible in spilled milk powder show where one child tried to mix a bottle for her wailing baby brother” are not all that “heartbreaking” because they are not all that visible.

What we see is a clean toaster, a steriliser for baby bottles, a fridge, a tumble drier, an empty bottle of milk and some spilt white powder.

It’s clear that Rebecca Stevens is a wastrel of a mum. But the “squalid home of the mother who left her four children home alone to go on drink and drugs binge” looks not all that shabby.

The Mail, of course has an agenda to maintain. Stevenson is from the north, and so is by definition as grim as it gets. But while the Lancashire Telegraph has a picture of Stevenson’s home – picture 1 – the Mail has the second picture – picture 2. Does she have two houses?

Or has one paper used the wrong picture? The Mail’s house of horror looks the less desirable.Is that the wrong house?

And if it is, what is to gained from making a bad situtation worse?

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