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US Police Trained To Use Tasers On Children, And Do

by | 18th, November 2009

baby_taserIN Today’s edition of Super Nanny uncut, Ozark police Taser a 10-year-old girl who has been talking back to her parents.

Says a relieved dad Anthony Medlock:

I would like to say Ozark police Tased this little girl right here. Ten years old and [they] shot electricity through her body, and I want to know how the heck in God’s green earth can they get away with this.”

Ozark police Officer Dustin Bradshaw should have sat her down on the naughty step first? Then call the police? Says dad, concerned about police brutality:

“If you can’t pick the kid up and take her to your car, handcuff her, then I don’t think you need to be an officer.”

Picking up a 10-year-old girl, cuffing her and chucking her in the wagon should be part of police training, also stamping on dangerous kitten’s faces and kicking potentially aggressive old men’s stick away.

Dad says his girl “doesn’t deserve to be treated like a dog. She’s not a tiger.

The officer’s says the said the girl’s mother, Kelly Hamlert, invited him to use the Taser. The officer says the girl kicked him in the groin first. Says Ozark police Chief Jim Noggle:

“He had no other choice. He had to get the child under control… Well, if he tried to restrain her, he might hurt her by restraining her. If you grab somebody, you can slip an arm out of joint. They can slip from you and fall on the ground.”

Quite so. You need to Taser the child lest they hurt themselves. Prevention is better than cure. Spare the Taser, spoil the child. If you don’t Taser them they grow up to be, well, coppers…

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