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Geeta Aulakh: Daily Mail Pushes The Asian Theory

by | 18th, November 2009

geeta-aulakh1GEETA Aulakh is dead. The mother of two young sons was found in the streets on Greenford, London. Her hand had been severed. She was unconscious. She died as a result of head injury. Any more facts? Well, she was an Anglo-Asian and that means the media can speculate:

Daily Mail: “Honour killing theory as mother-of-two is found dumped in the street with her hand severed”

Well it is a theory. There are others, which Mail readers can learn of a few paragraphs into the story:

Police are investigating several theories behind the murder, including jealousy, access to the children or bringing dishonour on the family.

So it qas murder? Or is that still a theory? If you think tha Mail headline is suggestive, the paper’s original headline ran:

Asian woman, 28, found dying in street with hand chopped off”

An Asian woman, eh…

If you want to lean how relevant her Asian origins are to the unsolved crime, the UK’s online Sikh paper delivers its headline:

Sunrise Radio worker found dead

The facts:

Six men — including the woman’s estranged husband — were arrested today.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Chalmers, who is leading the inquiry, said:

“When the victim was found we know that a lot of people were in the street and that several people may have tried to administer first aid before the police or ambulance arrived.

“These people left the scene before speaking to police and I would ask that anyone who was there, or anyone else who has information about the incident, call us in the strictest of confidence.”

That’s the Daily Mail on the phone now…

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