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Move Like Michael Jackson: A BBC TV Talent Show

by | 18th, November 2009

michael-jackson-heavenBBC Three might well be less alive than Michael Jackson, the man it seeks to laud with a new six-part dance series called Move Like Michael Jackson.

This is great news for dads at discos and weddings who can now lie prone on the floor and claim to be moving like Michael Jackson.

It turns out that the show is not a séance hosted by Derek Acorah wired to a car battery, ready to channel Jacko’s dance at the turn of a key but a thing so wonder hosted by Radio 1’s Reggie Yates.

Reggie and the zombies at BBC 3 will trawl the country looking for anyone who can move like the King of Pop.

When the nation’s morgues, secure units and PR firms have been seized for dancing talent, viewers will see the 16 finalists perform before Jermaine Jackson, dance agent Mark Summers and Jamelia.

The winner will be ritually sacrificed by a shadowy doctor and then inflated with oxygen before being released with 20 doves and a fleet of helicopter news crews.

Failing that, the winner will dance like Michael Jackson at the official Michael Jackson tribute concert, scheduled for London next June.

Other shows to look out for:

Piano Like Liberace
Paint Like Van Gogh
Bake Like Fanny Craddock
Invade Like Napoleon
Bomb Like Bomber Harris

BBC 3 is a channel that you have to pay for or the police come and take your telly away and fine you.

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