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Jesus Saves: Virgin Mary Opens Bank

by | 19th, November 2009

jesus-savesAT the Shrine Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes near Emmitsburg, Mount St. Mary’s University, a woman is leaving her precious coin collection for safe keeping.

This is replica of the original shrine. It’s in Baltimore.

The haul of $40,000-worth of rare U.S. coins will be safe under the virgin Mary’s watchful gaze.

A gardener finds the two plastic freezer bags filled with gold and silver while raking leaves. He jumps for joy and says that it is God’s will that he is now rich. Oh, happy, happy day.

The man shows it to his bosses, who have it appraised. The money is placed in a safe.

But then the woman returns. “Shrine Director” (can you direct a shrine?) William Tronolone says:

I said, ‘Why did you leave it there?’ And she said, ‘Well, I had to go away and I was afraid to leave it and I wanted the Blessed Mother to watch over it for me — and evidently she did because you found it.”‘

Glory be! The director then decides that all his money and the college money must be left by the shrine. But first he persuades her to put them in her safe deposit box.

Which for added security has a sticker of the Virgin Mary put on the front. No word form the gardener, although he rumours are that he was last seen ranting and shaking his fist at the sky…

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