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The United States of Earth Joins The Barack Obama Death Cult

by | 19th, November 2009

palin_obamaWANNA play the Obama Death Cult game. Here’s the coup (getddit?) game?

It’s a new online multi-player browser game that “follows Barack Obama bringing the U.S. to total collapse. Americans rise up on the web and begin a revolution.”

Russian telly enjoys the idea of an American Revolution and the creation of The United States of Earth, a Ron Paul production.

The game:

In the game’s scenario, 20 million armed American “patriots” begin seizing local and federal government offices. These are the same people whose earlier Tea Party protests had been ignored and dismissed by the mainstream media. Now, they post bounties for government employees. There’s fighting in every state. Meanwhile, Lou Dobbs has been disappeared, and Glenn Beck has been found dead of an “aspirin overdose.” Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, and Bill O’Reilly have been rounded up, and Fox News forcibly shut down. The US military refuses to come to Obama’s rescue. His loyalist forces of 40,000 end up controlling merely three counties in Virginia, while an allied force is in charge of three counties near Washington, DC. The Federal Reserve also controls two of its own counties, as does the Cong (the remnants of the Democratic Congress). A collection of pro-Obama black nationalists and Islamic fundamentalists have a hold on two counties. What can you do as a player? You can join the patriots trying to capture Obama and defeat the Cong.

Or you can looks for porn like the rest of America does and imagine what Sarah Palin looks like naked…

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