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Dancer Paid To Have Epileptic Fit On Stage, Jedward Dance On

by | 20th, November 2009

epileptic-dancerANSWERING the question “How do you follow autistic Jedward, the X Factor Duracell Gonks?”, the Arts Council pushes an epileptic dancer into the stage and pays her £14k to stop taking her medication and fit on stage.

Laydeesandgentalmeen, we give you Rita Marcalo. Rolling-Eyed Rita will dance for 24-hours. She will not sleep. She will appear under strobe lighting. This is not exploitation, viewers – this is “conceptual and physical interfaces between dance, movement and epilepsy”.

This sit not paying the sufferer loadsa money to perform for our titillation and amusement. This is art, you ignorant heathen.

Marcalo the Manic of Mayhem says epilepsy is “an invisible disability” and the show at the Bradford Playhouse will explore “my ‘other’ identity as a disabled person”.

Should Marcalo not fit on cue, the paying punters will be educated by other dancers, perhaps like Tony ‘The Tourette’s’ Tarantella, who accompanies each body movement by turning to members of the Arts Council and screaming “F*CK OFF YOU BUNCH OF C****S”; Alzheimer’s Annie whose Maypole dance has yet to make ait all the way round the pole and Hot Gossip.

Says The Playhouse:

“At any point in the event Marcalo might have an epileptic seizure. Whenever this happens, a loud alarm will sound, lights will brighten, music will stop and a series of cameras will start recording her seizure. Audience members will be encouraged to record it on their mobile phones.”

And point and laugh to further highlight the horror of it all and make the invisible seen. It’s what art demands…

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