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Immigration Is Out Of Control, Says British Media Survey

by | 22nd, November 2009

immigrationTHE Daily Express and Daily Star likes to report on immigration matters. Remember when the Rogarians were coming to get us?

MacGuffin investigates the latest exclusive:

The Star is reporting on the results of a new survey which reveals “British people think immigration is out of control“.

OK, so that’s not surprising, but this is not something that any other newspaper has covered. How come?

A massive 99% of Daily Star readers voted yes in our poll asking if the UK’s immigration issue was now out of control.

Ahh. So by ‘British people’ they mean the few Star readers who could be bothered to vote. And isn’t it great when the newspaper write about themselves and the news they’ve created?

The poll question even came attached to this story which said the British population was going to ‘soar’ and ‘explode’ because of the ‘mess’ of ‘Labour’s open-door immigration policy’ which will put ‘public services…under increasing strain’.

And given this is the Star, which happily gives promo space to the English Defence League and prints story after story of anti-immigrant, anti-Islam lies, is it any wonder Star readers think this way?

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