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X Factor: Using Susan Boyle To Cast Jedward As Victims

by | 22nd, November 2009

susan-boyle-jedwardSUSAN Boyle is to sing a live pre-recorded song on the X Factor, and in readiness he has brushed up alongside Jedward, the Duracell Gonk act that we’re calling Jeadful.

Can some of Susan Boyle trademark victim status helps Jedward win the vote? The Mail gives us:

Susan Boyle has been giving advice to X Factor twins John and Edward Grimes to help them to deal with the abuse they are getting.

They should tell people to “f*** off”? A source explains:

“People have said John and Edward are like a freak show, which is what they were saying about Susan.”

Well some might have been. But most were saying how Susan Boyle represented the end of cynicism, would sure the recession and was a living angel.

The media has branded Susan Boyle a victim and no matter what her global success she will remain so until it can move onto Stage 2 of her story and set about destroying her. Susan Boyle must remain a victim to support the tired views of columnists.

Jedward, on the other hand, are two untalented, precocious, hard to like, over-exposed singing gonks who are part of a sick TV experiment to see what point Simons Cowell’s powers of deception wane and the masses rub their eyes and realise they are being served up crap.

In other Susan Boyle news, the News of The World continues its portrayal of Susan Bole as the antithesis of celebrity:

NEWLY-RICH Susan Boyle is spurning luxury mansions and buying her shabby COUNCIL HOUSE instead – because her pet cat Pebbles would hate somewhere posh.

The NoTW has taken leaf from Amanda Holden’s book of feminist fascism – it was she who told Susan Boyle not to improve her appearance. So Susan Boyle doesn’t have a home, she has a little shabby house with a pet cat. She also has her £100,000 first royalty cheque.

Which is not too shabby…

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