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X Factor: Jedward To Sing Official Conservative Party Song

by | 23rd, November 2009

toriesX FACTOR: Jedward have X-ited the X Factor and have re-emerged into mainstream society. Before the magazines are full of Jedward and inside tips on how they gel their hair and gargle air freshener, the news media reports:

Today’s Front Pages

AT LAST – DEADWOOD – Daily Mirror


“John & Edward Are Out – Keep the cheering down” – Daily Mail

“Twins get boot now for loot” – Daily Star

The Threat

We want to make a record and do all the things we have dreamed of.”

Get Get them Out Of Your Head

Danyl Johnson added: “We knew all the words to their songs by Tuesday each week because they were always singing round the house so much. They were great.”

Nothing annoying about that.


The Conservatives have jumped on Jedward’s X-Factor axing to take a swipe at Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling.

How pathetic. The Labour Party won’t even respond:

A Labour Party spokesman said of the Tory poster: “We did this two weeks ago.
“This shows once again how Labour is leading the way in digital campaigning and the Tories are left scrabbling around playing catch up.”

Is that the saddest thing you have ever read?

Look out for John singing the official Conservative Party anthem and Edward doing it for Labour. Place your votes. Vote now and vote often.

Louis Walsh Is Off His Head

“I put my head on the block and took a chance, but I’d rather do that than be boring. They have the X Factor.”

Why not be both – boring and bang on about the X Factor?

The big question: with Jedward gone how long before Jedward are back on the front pages?

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