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Polar Bears Commit Suicide In New Cinema Advert

by | 23rd, November 2009

polar-bear-plane-stupidPOLAR Bear Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at polar bears in the news: Polar bears are falling from the skies and being used to illustrate how climate change activism is based on bad science.

In the Mail, Christopher Booker asks:

Are we making the most expensive mistake in history?

On the Government’s own figures, the Climate Change Act is going to cost Britain £18 billion a year – that’s £720 for every household in the country – every year from now until 2050.

Of course, the thing about global warming is that even if it is not happening now, it might happen in the future. The irony is that what Booker calls a “colossal scare story” should feature in the Mail, home to scare stories.

But we should be afraid because Plane Stupid has filmed polar bears falling from the skies – without parachutes!

Plane Stupid is the group that says air travel – oh, the wonder of it – is terrible and anyone who works hard and flies off on a holiday in the sun is stupid.

Plane Stupid’s ad, which breaks in cinemas and online today, features dozens of animated polar bears falling from the sky onto a city centre, bouncing off skyscrapers and landing in the street and on the roof of a car, accompanied by blood-spurting special effects.

The only sound, apart from the bone-crunching thump of the impacts, is the steadily increasing whine of a jet airliner’s engines.

That whine is not a jet engine – it’s the chatter of Al Goreans flying to their next summit.

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