Anorak News | Teacher Sues School For Slipping On A Used Condom

Teacher Sues School For Slipping On A Used Condom

by | 23rd, November 2009

slippery-condomKAREN Hollander has sued the US Department of Education for injuries sustained in slipping on a condom left outside a Manhattan high school.

Hollander says “slippery foreign substances” outside the High School of Art & Design caused her to fall.

She says the school suit failed in its duty to maintain safety.

“They caused, allowed and permitted condoms to be distributed by school personnel to the students, many of which were opened during the school lunch period and thrown on the floor.”

The mind wanders at what occurs in the High School of Art & Design’s cafeteria that results in used condom littering the floor. We feel a bit faint and… Whooooooooo…. Bang!


We are now returned from the hospital, where a medic tells us that we felt faint at the thought of the goings on at the high school. As a result of a chat with our legal representative, we will be suing the New York Daily News for polluting our mind with unseemly images too disgusting to print in a family organ…

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