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Peter Andre And Katie Price Shocker: Couple Agree On Marriage

by | 24th, November 2009

katie-peter2PETER Andre is bored of talking about Katie Price and their failed marriage. As he told us:

“Isn’t everyone bored of talking about this? I know I am. You’ll notice in a lot of interviews, all that happens is I may just say how I’m feeling now. It comes to a point where you just don’t want to talk about it anymore. The whole thing is just too draining to think about, I just want to move on, talk about music, talk about kids, talk about life.”

Here’s Pete not talking about Katie Price in his New! Magazine column:

“I know everyone is desperate to know what I think of I’m A Celebrity this year, but I swear on my life I have not watched one episode.”

At last he swears on his own life. Katie Price swore on her children’s lives, linking their existence to her jungle exploits.

Peter Andre wants to tell readers about something he hasn’t done. Before we get on to how he hasn’t flown to the moon, passed a GCSE in Portuguese or taken to answering the phone with his left hand in a bid to keep his brain active, he tells us:

“I did hear that Gino D’Acampo and Ant McPartlin said they are ‘Team Pete’ and Ant even had a T-shirt with that written on it. I had to laugh! I know Gino from This Morning and he’s so sweet.”


“I’ve always loved Ant and Dec equally, but I might have to get a ‘Team Ant’ t-shirt made up for a laugh.”

Says Katie Price:

“I’m so bored of reading about Pete and Kate, Kate and Pete, Team Jordan, Team Andre. Every day, I’m just like: ‘Get over it.’”

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