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Jeremy Kyle: Access All Areas: Kyle Meets The People Of Walmart

by | 24th, November 2009

80617181AT an Asda supermarket in central Southampton, Jeremy Kyle of signing copies of his new DVD, Jeremy Kyle Access All Areas, aka “Shut up! It’s MY show! BE A MAN!, my love.”

Says the blurb:

Ever wondered what happens to the guests before and after the cameras roll on THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW?

They get play Xtreme Scrabble? They are forced to listen to 128bmp rave albums? They fail their O’Levels, are unable to find a satisfying job, marry their 345th sexual partner and then after five children and a recreational drug misunderstanding kids they appear on the show?

Well now you can find out, with this ALL ACCESS release that’s exclusive to DVD.

Exclusive to DVD. Those Betamax user must be gutted. You guy will just have to wait. Go on:

We follow their journey as they’re picked up from home, catching up with them throughout the taxi ride to Manchester, and finally to the hotel; capturing their pre-studio nerves, thoughts and, of course, fights.

With any luck one of them will show you her knickers and a man with tattoos will punch the camera hard in the face.

Discover not only how the show is put together, but how the all-important Aftercare is put into practise, when Jeremy and Graham revisit the guests one month on.

Having been ritually abused on the show, the poor, depressed, lonely and stoned are met by “The Genius” Graham, who will tell them that The Osbournes are not evidence of Brave New World and that whatever the problem a DNA test and therapy can cure it.


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Television personality Jeremy Kyle prepares to sign copies of his new dvd, Jeremy Kyle Access All Areas!, for excited fans in an Asda supermarket in central Southampton.

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