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The Rise Fall And Rise Again Of Brad Pitt’s Stripping Singer Victoria Hart

by | 24th, November 2009

79_victoria-hartTHE Sun spots Victoria Hart, the American-born teenager hired to sing for George Clooney and Brad Pitt for the Oceans 13 party in Cannes in 2007. Hart is also the paper’s former blogger, who wrote for the paper about her time in the US.

The Sun says Hart is now working as a stripper for £20 a dance. No big deal. The Sun features Page 3 Girls and leads with news of Katie Price, a woman whose primary sexual characteristics are good clean family fun. The paper also features adverts for adult movies and chat lines for “college girls” and “naughty women”. It’s just that grainy image makes it looks like Hart is up to no good:

The California-born beauty said: “The worst bit is when they try and touch you. You can turn around and they will actually lick you. It can be horrible, but the money’s good.” She added: “I’ve had some problems but things are still working out. I didn’t want anyone to know about this.”

Thanks to the Sun’s Richard White and that grainy picture now everyone knows about it; and reminded of her existence.

The Sun has the facts:

Two years ago she served drinks and sang for £6 an hour at The Naked Turtle in Putney, South London.

She was the Mail’s£7-an-hour waitress who sang for the stars”.

She recorded an album:

As the title predicts, the theme of Whatever Happened To Romance? is one of good-girl-done-wrong…

As she ever was. The Sun told us so:

WITH her rouge lips and peroxide blonde hair, you could mistake her for CHRISTINA AGUILERA.

And the similarities don’t end there, as VICTORIA HART is a Dirrrty little minx too. The blonde beauty, hailed as a 21st century MARILYN MONROE, is counting down the days until she sings to 500 horny squadies all lusting after her.

Victoria is set to become the new Forces Sweetheart as she heads to Afghanistan next year to perform for the troops.

She said: “I was so honoured to be asked. My boyfriend doesn’t want me to go. He was in the Army for two years and knows I’ll be playing to 500 horny squadies. I can’t wait. What girl doesn’t love that kind of attention, everyone wanting me! They’ll all be sexed-out and literally gagging for it.”

And now she’s been caught stripping by the Sun. Anyone know if she’s got new album coming out?

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