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Peter Andre ‘Begs’ Katie Price To Come Home

by | 25th, November 2009

peter-a-katieKATIE Price and Peter Andre: Katie is out of the jungle and the talk is of she and Peter Andre getting back together. Or is it?

The Daily Mirror’s front page leads with “The Fall Of the Jordan Empire

This news follows yesterday’s comment by Sue Carroll – “Everybody’s favourite columnist” – in which the voice of the paper told Mirror readers:

“So before Miss Price, Jordan, Katie or whatever she wants to call herself suffers any more sad delusions it should be made clear that the majority of the British people do not give a kangaroo’s testes about her.”

Happily, the Daily Mirror is not in the majority – it just thinks it is – and its readers just love Katie, which is why Katie/Jordan/Kate/Pricey is slapped on the front page…again.

While the Mirror holds up a huge full colour photo of Katie Price and says how she is old news, the Daily Star at least tries to crete new news with its front-page scremer:

Pete begs Kate come home now

Peter wants her back! This is the same Peter Andre who yesterday told New! magazine readers:

“I’m loving having the kids at the moment and I’m already dreading the moment they have to go back to their mum’s when Kate gets back from the jungle.

“I’ll be so used to having them around every day and it’ll kill me not to see them all the time.”

So he wants to be reunited with Katie Price? The Star tells us:

And last night her ex-husband begged her to come home. He is desperate to be reunited with Kate.

In other news, the Star says:

Yesterday 71% of readers in our Daily Star phone poll said they think her stint in I’m A Celebrity will be the end of Jordan.

Or, er, not…

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