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Katie Price Dominates OK! And Samantha Fox

by | 25th, November 2009

katie-price-jungle4IN OK! magazine’s continuing linger around Katie Price and I’m A Celebrity, readers get to meet Samantha Fox, the…

“… pint-sized, boobalicious, spunky volcano of fun.” (Photos here.)

Sam Fox “brims with gumption, overflows with attitude and rumbles with mischief.”

Sam Fox cannot be contained. That’s her, the one in the glasses, sat on her hammock doing as she’s told and doing her best to make Jimmy ‘Interesting’ White look like Steve Davis’s slower brother.

Other than he chest, Sam’s other noteworthy act is her engagement to her manager, Myra Stratton. Oh, and Katie Price. Want to know that Sam “really” thinks of Katie? Well, Sam pulls no punches when she says Katie is “nice” and “gives a lot of young girls hope”.

There is no escaping the fact that when Katie Price is away, OK! still relies on her for its content. In 164 pages, the issue finds space to mention Katie Price on 23 of them.

This leaves 141 pages for other showbiz news, and OK! is “FIRST FOR CELEBRITY”. And of those 141 pages, there are 63 pages of adverts. No, not pages with adverts on but full-page adverts.

The good news is that next week Katie Price will be back. Expect a bumper issue…

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