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Susan Boyle Weeps As The Press Set About Destroying Her

by | 26th, November 2009

8060301SUSAN Boyle Watch: On Monday, Susan Boyle sang her slow, churchy version of the Rolling Stones classic Wild Horses in Rockefeller Plaza (pictures). The happening was broadcast live to millions watching NBC’s Today show. And then…she cried.

On the Daily Mirror’s front page a question is delivered as a statement:


The Express tells its readers:


SUSAN Boyle showed she is still fragile as she broke down in tears after a live outdoor performance in America.

Don’t lots of singers cry? On the X Factor, everyone cries. But when Susan Boyle cries, she is “fragile”. The Star wonders:

PALS fear Susan Boyle is on the brink of another meltdown.

Nice of these so-called pals to share their fears with the tabloids. Only, the don’t. Not one of Susan’s pal says anything. But the tabloid story with Susan Boyle is one of victimhood. Susan Boyle must always be in a state of distress and confusion, even when she looks confident and is belting out a song before what TV people call a “live audience”.

The Star hears an “onlooker” say:

“You only hope, for her sake, that she can get through the next few days and weeks when she will be the focus of so much attention.”

But if she were to break down, the you can bet the Star and other tabloids will be there to watch the pieces scatter.

The Daily Mail looks on:

Is Stateside success turning into a nightmare for Susan Boyle? Singer breaks down on U.S. tour

The Mail has pictures of Boyle weeping a little.

It happened just moments after she was presented with a patchwork quilt knitted together by hundreds of people from 28 countries including the UK, US, Australia, Mexico, Japan and Antarctica.

The press presents Susan Boyle as “touched” by the hand of God, an ugly stick and stupidity – but she is touched only by the warmth of her fans. So she cries.

The press builds her up. And now it sets about tearing her down. Stage 3 of the Susan Boyle Story is upon us…

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