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Dietmar The German Stork Has A Wooden Leg

by | 26th, November 2009

Wood you believe itDIETMAR is the world’s first stork to feature a wooden leg.

Dietmar Stork lost his leg in a collision with a slow moving power cable. He was taken to a bird sanctuary in Saxony, Germany, and fitted with a £1,000 prosthetic limb. A worker there tells us:

“He gets on very well in the sanctuary with his new leg but he can’t live in the wild any more so he’s here with us for the rest of his days.”

Good on them for helping Dietmar. But Anorak wonders if other zoos and sanctuaries can attracts interest in their cause with robotics limbs? If London Zoo housed an elephant with a hat stand for a leg, would you pay to see it? The giraffe with umbrella for head stumps? The penguin with a kazoo implanted in its damaged voice box?

Roll up. Roll up. Roll up. It’s time to milk the animals…

Note: Stalk has been changed to Stork – although it that leg is a stalk of sorts, no?

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