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Man’s Face Pinned By Pitchfork To A Car Seat

by | 26th, November 2009
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pitch-fork-face1IN China, Kong Xie is pinned to his seat by a pitchfork which has pierced his face.

The reports say that the fork had been “hurled by mistake” by a market worker at farmer’s market in Suzhou, eastern China, who was “aiming for some hay bales”.

That’s his story and he is sticking to it. Meanwhile, Mr Xie is stuck to his seat. The good news is that Mr Xie was rescued and suffered no ill effects. The fork missed his brain and eyes.

Says he:

“I was waiting for my friend who was driving to buy some vegetables at the market when suddenly the window shattered and a pitchfork came flying at me.

“I felt a searing pain on the side of my head and then when I tried to move it I couldn’t because it had pierced my head. I couldn’t look to see how bad it was but when people came to the window and started screaming I realised it was bad – and I could feel the blood.”

The man who tossed the pitchfork thrower will face charges for endangering public safety, and try out for the Sussex Country Cricket team in June…

Picture on the next page – warning: unpleasant…

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