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I’m A Celebrity’s Joe Bugner In ‘Hell’

by | 26th, November 2009

579040I’M A Celebrity: Joe Buger’s son James appears in a Daily Mirror feature: “HAVING JUNGLE JOE AS A DAD MADE MY LIFE HELL.”

The story is equipped with a picture of Joe Bugner looking wide-eyed and dangerous. The news stems from James Bugner, Joe’s third child:

When Joe Bugner’s son sits down to watch his dad’s exploits in the I’m A Celebrity jungle tonight, he may as well be watching a stranger. For James’s boxer dad walked out when he was just 10 months old, they have met only a handful of times and he has never had so much as a birthday card from his famous father.

But what did Joe do to make your life “hell”, James?

“He didn’t want to get to know me but having him as a father made my life hell.”

How did Joe give you “hell”?

James recalls: “The bullying started when I was about nine…”

Joe bullied you?

“…It got known that my father was Joe Bugner and it made me an easy target at school. At first it was just verbal bullying, then it became physical. I’d get beaten up by them as though it was a status symbol to beat up Joe Bugner’s son.”

It as the school idiots who gave James Bugner hell, not Joe Bugner, who never even gave him a birthday card.

“It got so bad that I wrote to my mum and stepfather begging them to send me to another school.” James was sent to boarding school in Guernsey. He was also allowed to change his surname to Bowd, after his stepfather, to avoid people making the family connection.”

He also changed his name to Bowed because his stepfather is John Bowd.

As for the jungle, it’s hell in there… See pictures of Joe’s career in the ring here: I’m A Celebrity: Joe Bugner’s Career In Pictures

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