Anorak News | Katie Price Wants Peter Andre Back And Hits A Photgrapher

Katie Price Wants Peter Andre Back And Hits A Photgrapher

by | 27th, November 2009

1963095KATIE Price And Peter Andre Remarriage Watch: Katie aplogises for being a bitch, Peter Andre sues Katie for her “lies”, Katie rows with Alex Reid and hits a photographer…

Anorak’s Katie Price and Peter Andre news round-up.

The Sun (front page): “JORDAN BEGS PETER: Take me back.”

Married by Christmas? Who wants to take the bet?

JORDAN has made an emotional phone call to ex-hubby Peter Andre, begging him: “Please take me back,” The Sun can reveal. She apologised for being a “bitch” to him and pleaded for a reunion, saying: “I messed up.” A friend of Peter said: “She said she was sorry for being such a bitch to him.”

“She asked him straight out if there was any chance they could get back together and pleaded for a reunion. She was telling him she just couldn’t stop thinking of him and their life together.”

Peter Andre has his apology, says Peter Andre’s friend. Which means Peter Andre can remain dignified and the tabloids’ pet couple can be reunited on the telly or in OK!.

The Mirror has more news of the looming remarriage:

“Peter Andre to sue Jordan for £300,000 and seek an injunction against her

Peter Andre is suing ex-wife Katie Price and is seeking an injunction to prevent her bad-mouthing him. The singer wants more than £300,000 damages after she accused him of sleeping around.

Feel the love. How’s Katie taking it?

Daily Mirror (front page): “JORDAN CRACKS”

Literally. Fetch the surgeon!


Furious Katie Price launched a foulmouthed attack on former lover Alex Reid, telling him: “I told you it was over. Now ****ing leave me alone.” Later, after she had hit the shops, she also found time to hit a photographer, who was sent reeling in the chaos and smashed his head against a post.

Is this what happens when you date a cage fighter?

Daily Star (front page): “JORDAN ATTACKED IN THE JUNGLE”

The raging cage fighter deman-ded a showdown with the model after she dumped him live on TV. After refusing to see heartbroken Alex, Katie asked staff to remove him. But the publicity-mad star finally agreed to a meeting – so long as Alex was prepared to have every minute recorded for her reality TV show.

If it’s not on the telly, it has no value. Go on:

They were then heard having a bitter two-hour screaming session before Kate dumped him on TV again.

What did Katie say?, anything we can quote her on?

She then told staff: “He’s a nonentity – get him out of here!

Meanwhile, back in the I’m A Celebrity Jungle, less and less people are watching.

Two million viewers shunned I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! after Katie Price walked off the show this week.

Will the jungle swallow the remaining celebs up, never to be seen again. Will we miss the Jimmy ‘intersting’ White, the third best singer in Mios-Teeq, This Morning’s reserve chef, a walking busty duster and Stuart Manning?

Over in the serious press, Katie price is front-page news:

The Guardian (front page): “All natural: Zoe Williams in praise of Katie Price”

I would say, and not just to cheer her up, that the people who engage seriously with reality TV, to the point where they will vote one way or another, are horrible people. Nasty, prejudiced people who hate women, who hate black women even more, but will take a break from their race hate to mete out weird punishment to women who get “above themselves”. With Price, it’s obvious why those who hate her, hate her. She is insufficiently humble. But what if you don’t hate her? What if you sort-of love her? What are you supposed to do with that?

Anorak would say that anyone who engages seriously with Zoe Williams must have a lot to spare time in their secure institution.

Katie Price is setting the news agenda…

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