Anorak News | Man Stockpiles 80 Oil Drums Of Human Poo

Man Stockpiles 80 Oil Drums Of Human Poo

by | 27th, November 2009

peter-royPETER Roy, 72, from Madderty, Craigmuir, has collected 80 barrels of human excreta and urine in oil drums at his farm. No damning artwork to highlight the world’s love of oil, rather an attempt to get officials from Perth and Kinross Council to repair his “inhabitable” house.

Such is the irony that Mr Roy wanted to show how bad his house had become to live in by populating it with barrels of his family’s waste.

He also left wheelie bins, cement mixers and a bath full of human poo on the main road in Madderty.

Following complaints by locals of a nasty smell, Roy was awards an Asbo. He has now been “found guilty of three different charges of breaching the behaviour order by dumping barrels of human waste on 2 and 18 September last year, and on 23 February 2009.”

How his batch came to full of human waste was not investigated, nor how the waste was harvested.

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