Anorak News | Katie Price And Peter Andre Plan Christmas Reunion

Katie Price And Peter Andre Plan Christmas Reunion

by | 28th, November 2009

katie-and-peter-mergePETER Andre and Katie Price are in a “SECRET REUNION”.

They are back? First the shared hotel. Will they be married by Christmas? Says the Star:

“Jungle hell relaunches brand Katie and Peter”



They are back together. Fetch the powder Toffee Crisp fairy dust! Re-varnish the cake? Re-varnish Pete. There’s gonna be a wedding!

WARRING Katie Price and Peter Andre are planning a sensational reunion just in time for Christmas.

Can you be warring and planning to get back together?

The recently divorced pair are organising a festive family dinner to call a truce over their bitter six-month feud. And they hope their get-together will re-ignite their relationship, and multimillion-pound brand “Katie and Peter”.

Are they really that cynical? In other news, the Star’s Gemma Wheatley delivers the day’s biggest innuendo-laced line:

And she even got security guards to check in her three trolley-loads of baggage so she was not exposed to the public areas.

Fnar! Titter.

Image: Katie and Peter become one – literally.

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