Anorak News | X Factor: JLS Are Bigger Than Twilight And Stacey Solomon ‘Dumps’ Olly Murs

X Factor: JLS Are Bigger Than Twilight And Stacey Solomon ‘Dumps’ Olly Murs

by | 29th, November 2009

jlsX FACTOR Watch: Anorak’s at-a-glance round-up of X Factor in the news: JLS are bigger than Twilight, Take That and Manchester United; Cheryl Cole’s fake hair and happy-happy-happy marriage give us reason to be cheerful and Stacey Solomon dumps Olly Murs…

A Year With JLS

The top selling calendars are – according to Calendar-maker Danilo and retailer HMV:

1. JLS
2. Twilight Saga
3. Cheryl Cole
4. Michael Jackson
5. Robert Pattinson
6. Manchester United
7. Top Gear
8. Family Guy
9. Liverpool
10. Pink
11. Hollyoaks Babes
12. Zac Efron
13. Cliff Richard
14. Hollyoaks Hunks
15. DCI Gene Hunt
16. Simpsons
17. Take That
18. Arsenal
19. HMV My Inspiration
20. Dr Who

21 – Jedward who?


The People: “X Factor: STACEY Solomon DUMPS OLLY Murs”

X Factor favourite Stacey Solomon has dumped the show’s heart-throb Olly Murrs after telling him: “It’s not going to work. The blonde singer broke the news to Olly, 25, last week, and said: “I’ve just come out of a relationship and I don’t want a boyfriend.”

So she never dumped him because she doesn’t want a boyfriend. Such are the facts.

Rhydian Roberts Lives!

X Factor star Rhydian Roberts has said that Cheryl Cole does not deserve her place on the judging panel of the hit TV show, according to a report. The 26-year-old claimed that Cole was only on the talent show “because of her looks”.

In other shock news More frogs suffer anxiety in France than Wales and Rhydian finds out that 10 out of 10 bears prefer trees to urinals…

Laughing at Cheryl Cole

The Guardian, Victoria Coren: “OK, Cheryl’s smile is as fake as her hair. But I love her for it”

There is a furious outcry from those who have been shopping for Elvive shampoo in the hope of emulating Cheryl Cole’s shiny tresses

Gnash! Wail! Rage!

The Cheryl Cole case is more worrying. Why is anyone annoyed that she should advertise shampoo when she has hair extensions? Like rushing to complain that the British are philistines for supporting John and Edward, we are not trying hard enough (do we ever?) to see a plus side…

Cheryl Cole may be the most valuable woman on television. She looks wonderful. She has beauty, fame, wealth, success and expensive hair. And everyone knows she is unhappy. Her husband cheated on her.

Well, yes that is a big plus.

..And she smiles anyway. God, I love her for that… That hair didn’t just come naturally; she had to work for it. She had to buy most of it. Every time it gets stuck in a hairbrush, Cheryl’s fine but someone in Korea is screaming.

They’re screaming: “Thank **** my hair ended up on Cheryl Cole and not Elton John, Paris Hilton or in Katie Price’s nunny plaits!”

The X Factor – you buying it?

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