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The Killing Of Susan Boyle: TV Host Calls Susan Retarded

by | 30th, November 2009

susan-boyle-paul-henryTHE media’s destruction of Susan Boyle continues. News reaches us of New Zealand TV host Paul Henry describing Susan Boyle as “retarded” as he explains to viewerezzzz for the umpteenth time that Boyle was “starved of oxygen” at birth. No, she’s not dead.

And no, it’s not Paul Henry, who played mentally negligible motel gopher Benny in Crossroads. At least we think not. Although if anyone can spot an idiot it is surely the man who played him so convincingly.

Says Henry, who we like to think said this with his tongue shoved inside his bottom lip, and sucking his thumb:

“If you look at her carefully, you can make it out. Here’s the really interesting revelation: she is in fact retarded. And if you look at it carefully, you can make it out, can’t you?”

Now he says:

“The remarks I made were specifically with regard to Susan Boyle and they were light-hearted.”

You’re a retard. Ha-ha. Spasmo! Hang on to your sides in case they split open. He! He!

The destruction os Saun Bouyle goes on…


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Singer Susan Boyle holds a copy of her album at the front door of her house in Blackburn, Scotland, before leaving in a chauffeur driven people carrier with a relative.

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