Anorak News | Mr Rugg Delivers The Polar Bear Song To A Drowned Wales

Mr Rugg Delivers The Polar Bear Song To A Drowned Wales

by | 30th, November 2009

IN today’s Polar Bear Watch, we sing The Polar Bear SongBjorn The Polar Bear – available on BBC iPlayer or live on Wednesday, 23:20 on BBC Two Wales-under-sea. The song is the work of Tom Rugg, keeping us warm with a sing song. Rugg by name, rug by nominative determinism…

Tom Rugg, a biology teacher from Chepstow, has written The Polar Bear Song to raise awareness of climate change among children. In an exclusive video diary for the Green Wales season, follow Tom to Hudson Bay in Canada to meet Polar Bears International and ask questions on climate change from his pupils. The organisation will use the song to raise awareness of the impact of global warming in the Arctic. See how the sea ice is decreasing and the bears go hungry. Can a song help to save the bears?

Tom floated to Hudson Bay on a lump of ice. He will make his way back to Blighty on a disused ice sculpture, or by surfing on Nowhere Island. Or by big jet airplane…

As for the song, watch out for stage divers!

Wales Online: “PREPARATIONS for the United Nations’ climate change conference have become part of the curriculum for many primary schoolchildren in Wales.”

Sing along kids…………

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